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I was asked by a good friend to explain my beliefs. This is a small part of the answer I sent:

Any belief structure that claims to have the fullness of truth and complete understanding of God and the universe is in error, nor will I accept all their beliefs. As for me, I have accepted the basic Christian belief structure. Some of the different congregations have leaders who are truly Christian and sincerely follow Jesus, but none has all the answers.

In summation: There are Catholic Christians (and there are Catholics–not the same). There are Mormon Christians (and there are Mormons–not the same). There are Baptist Christians (and there are Baptists–not the same). This can be said for most every Christian sect that exists. Being a member of one of their congregations does NOT give one passage to heaven or a complete understanding of God. This is my belief: Jesus is the ONLY way, and believing in Him (which means serving Him and loving Him and following His preachings in love of God and mankind) is the only way we can be with God again. No Earthly force or person can guide us to God. We learn the way for ourselves with the help of the Holy Spirit–and our love (which is imperfect) but made perfect by the grace of Jesus. Following Jesus in one of the belief structures of Christianity may be a necessary “evil” but it is not the fullness, I believe.

All mankind (Christians and non-Christians) have souls and are loved by God and will be given the opportunity to dwell with their Creator eternally. I’m not sure what that opportunity looks like. No one is totally in the know.

We have but to accept our free gift of life and wear it to dwell with our Creator. I do not expect all to believe as I do, but these are my feelings and thoughts on this subject.